Melody White Paper

4.3 Karaoke Mode

Players can choose to sing in different karaoke rooms with their microphones. Singing in a Karaoke room not only gets the singer rewards but also generous tips out of admiration from other players in the room. Here is how it works.
(1) Sing in the Karaoke room and get the rewards you deserve.
(2) Get extra rewards by inviting others to join together and sing in the karaoke room.
(3) PvP competitions among karaoke rooms.
(4) Karaoke room ranking. Karaoke rooms will be ranked by the total score of players in the room. The top-ranked Karaoke rooms will be rewarded.
(5) Listen and Guess. In the Karaoke rooms, players with headphone NFTs can listen to songs and guess their titles to get special bonus.
(6) Sing in turns. Players in the karaoke room can take turns to sing and PK there to earn.
(7) Concert. Players will earn extra reward by enabling concert mode in the karaoke room.